Group outing to throw some Battle Axes!

March 2023

Inaugural month for the McRae lab! This month we celebrate our CPRIT recruitment of first-time tenure track faculty member grant and hiring Rhonda Holgate as the founding member of and research assistant for the McRae lab.

June 2023

The McRae lab welcomes Tatiana Molden as a post-doctoral researcher who joins us to study 5′ UTR elements for RNA therapeutics!

July 2023

The McRae lab welcomes Deepak Yadav Kumar as a Research Associate! Deepak has joined us to lead our structural biology projects and learn cryo-EM.

October 2023

The McRae lab welcomes Bente Kring Hansen as a Post-doctoral fellow! Bente joins us on a prestigious Carlsberg Internationalization Fellowship to undertake studies on 3′ UTR optimization for RNA therapeutics.